Bistro Kunstmuseum

Tuesday - Sunday: 9 am - 7 pm
Wednesday: 9 am - 9 pm

Kitchen open until 5 pm, Wednesday until 6 pm


Host Esther Sidler

After graduating from school, Esther Sidler went to work as a waitress and kitchen assistant in the Swiss Alps, and liked it so much that she thought she’d never go back to the valley again. Nevertheless, she became an art historian at the University of Basel and spent 12 years in this profession, many of them working for Art Basel.

Fascinated by the combination of art and gastronomy, she took over Bistro Kunstmuseum in early 2013 and became a host with heart and soul. She manages the restaurant together with Beat Rubitschung, host of Rubino Restaurant and Invino Wine Bar.

Our Staff
  • Rifkan Adamlebbe
  • Anina Balmer
  • Rosario Cerejeira
  • Katalin Erdélyi
  • Selina Federspiel
  • Mima Gubkova
  • Hélène Häberling
  • Lisa Hess
  • Sarina Körner-Tschopp
  • Siuar Labidi
  • Anna Leibundgut
  • Serge Scheidecker
  • Sivakuru Selvanantham
  • Arta Syla
  • Nita Syla
  • Nuria Wintergerst
  • Cesur Yildiz
Team Event January 6, 2019